About us

The tax law firm PROFUS has existed since 1995. It specialises in serving small and medium sized businesses in Lower Silesia (Legnica - Wrocław - Jelenia Góra) - one-person companies, partnerships, traders, both Polish and foreign.

Our 25-person team of qualified and experienced accountants and staffing and payroll specialists is able to solve all of your problems, even the most complicated. The tax and legal security of the company is always overseen by tax and legal advisors.

Why Profus?

Every company is allocated at least 4 employees from our firm: an independent accountant who takes care of the book-keeping, a head accountant who is responsible for calculating tax obligations and preparing financial reports, a tax advisor who takes care of complicated tax issues and a staffing and payroll specialist who calculates salaries and social security (ZUS) contributions. This is all overseen by a legal advisor and a technician from our IT department.

We speak Polish, English and German.

Working with us

When we start cooperation, we take on all accounting responsibilities so that the client can concentrate exclusively on developing their main business.

  • We relieve you of arduous and time-consuming accounting tasks.
  • We represent you during tax and financial audits.
  • We report to company boards and owners.
  • We provide advice in the field of tax optimisation.
  • We provide legal services to companies.

Modern technologies

ProfusConnect Thanks to the integration of the client's sales systems with the financial and accounting systems of our firm, we speed up accounting services, decrease the possibility of errors and reduce the costs of accounting services.

ProfusNet Every client of our firm, regardless of the time of day or location, has constant access to their financial and accounting data. You can see invoices, payments, check financial results or amount of taxes. All you need is internet access.

Qualifications and Recommendations

The owner of our firm is included in the register of tax advisors and all key workers have authorisation from the Ministry of Finance to practice accounting.

A legal advisor specialising in economic law and specialists in staffing and payroll ensure full legal protection.

We are always updating our knowledge and abilities, increasing our qualifications and honing our skills. Over 250 satisfied clients can testify to the quality of our work.

Additional services

We are distinguished by the complexity of the services we provide. The Accounting Department and the Legal Department are the hub of our activity around which we build additional services which are essential for every company.

The IT Department takes care of sales and implementing the latest systems for managing a company.

The Cash Register Department takes care of sales of cash registers and printers and implementation and integration with the client's sales systems.