Why Profus?

Every year several new foreign companies turn to us for help. The problems they come to us with can be divided into two categories:

– Lack of information on binding legal regulations connected with starting business activity in Poland and the methods and rates for paying taxes. Foreign companies get lost in the mire of Polish regulations and bureaucracy. They don’t now who they can trust, who to talk to, who is correct, which solution is most beneficial.

– Accounting for foreign companies has been made by unreliable companies who don’t have the adequate qualifications, means, knowledge or foreign language skills. The company is not satisfied with the cooperation, lack of contact, failure to meet deadlines and looks for a firm which will provide accounting at a much higher level.

Why should you use the services of a tax advisor and professional tax law firm?

There are many reasons why foreigners, foreign businesses and their affiliates decide to use the services of qualified specialists, accountants and tax advisors. These are the most important ones:

– Lack of knowledge regarding legal regulations. The constantly changing regulations, their ambiguity, and problems with interpreting them are a nightmare even for Polish businesses. The Polish tax system is distinguished from those of developed Western European Countries by its significantly higher, more severe and more frequently used penalties for violating tax law.

– Difficulties contacting tax institutions. Long, complicated procedures. Bureaucracy. Lack of foreign language knowledge on the part of public employees. Cultural differences. These are often impenetrable barriers for foreign businesses.

– Significant tax savings. Effective tax optimisation, transfer of income between companies, skilled use of contracts to avoid double taxation are fields we work in every day. Expert professional knowledge is the most effective method for decreasing tax obligations. Thanks to our professionals, the tax you pay can be significantly lower or deferred.

– Lack of qualified staff. Finding a good accountant, one with many years of experience, who knows international tax regulations and is able to put them into practice, is a difficult skill. Finding a good accountant with knowledge of a foreign language borders on the miraculous. An accountant who will answer all your questions, who can tell you what needs to be done when taxes are too high. At PROFUS we speak Polish, English and German.

– Measurable financial savings. It is often cheaper to have a specialist firm take care of your accounts than to hire an accountant full time. The financial savings are apparent not only in salary but also insurance, additional provisions (holidays, paid leave), specialist literature etc. A tax law firm never gets sick or takes a holiday.

Before requesting an offer

When contacting us, please prepare a little information about the business you would like us to work with. We are mainly interested in the subject of activity, the scale of activity, approximate turnover, amount of documents generated and number of employees. This information allows us to estimate the scale of our obligations and amount of time needed to carry them out. As a result, we will be able to provide you with an attractive offer of cooperation and plan a provisional tax strategy.