Accounting isn’t the only thing we can offer our clients.

Working with our firm doesn’t just mean expenses related to basic tax and accounting obligations. Thanks to our tax consulting, you can also save significant amounts of money. Skilled planning and optimisation of taxes is just one of the ways to turn costs into gains.

Participation of a tax consultant in the accounting process begins right when we start working with the client or, even better, before they start business activity. Then making decisions about such things as choosing the legal form of the company (a branch of the parent company or an independent unit of which the parent company is a shareholder) will be very significant in terms of the method and rate of taxation and transfer of profits between tax systems of different countries. Effective tax optimisation during a crisis, loss of profits and turnover can be one way to gain a competitive edge.

If the company already exists, cooperation between the client and a tax consultant begins with looking at their financial and accounting documentation and provisional agreement on a tax strategy.

While carrying out accounting activities, the tax consultant is consulted on the correctness of economic transactions in terms of tax law. The tax consultant reacts in an ongoing manner and clarifies any inconsistencies that have been discovered and works to ensure that the accounting process is done correctly without any problems or delays.

The tax consultant actively participates as the company’s representative in all audits by tax authorities, sees to it that audit activities and procedures are done correctly and undertakes essential tasks for the purpose of eliminating or limiting harmful effects of any audit.

A tax consultant is available for the firm’s clients, who can discuss any tax issue with them at any time.

See our certification for providing tax consultancy.