The legal department is a separate unit whose main task is legal protection of companies that use the firm’s services. The legal department complements our accounting and tax services and ensures that we offer a full package. The firm’s lawyers specialise in economic law – mainly corporate, tax and labour law.

What does the legal department do?

The legal department of PROFUS provides a wide range of legal services for commercial companies with Polish and foreign capital. It organises the whole process of creating a company, prepares the necessary draft contracts, resolutions and statutes of companies and registration applications. It arranges meetings with a notary and does all administrative tasks related to establishing a company and starting business activity.

The staff of the labour department create internal acts of the company – regulations for specific bodies (the board, supervisory council, groups of partners or shareholders), internal regulations (work and remuneration regulations) resolutions, meeting protocols, management and letters from the company authorities. We prepare and provide opinions on draft managing and commercial contracts.