Basic information

Staffing and payroll are a separate department which exclusively takes care of calculating payments and staffing services. Unlike many tax firms where one person simultaneously carries out book-keeping and staffing and payroll issues, our firm focuses on more specific specialisations. In our firm, staffing and payroll issues are handled by separate, experienced and trained specialists. The detailed specialisation guarantees a significantly more extensive sphere of knowledge, unlike the limited and superficial knowledge offered by traditional teams.

What does the staffing and payroll department do?

The staffing and payroll department is responsible for correct and timely calculation of salaries, deductions and taxes and calculating insurance contributions. On behalf of the employer, we prepare employment, works and task specific contracts (Umowa o Prace, Umowa o Dzieło, Umowa o Zlecenie), documents related to hiring or dismissal of employees. We prepare the documents essential for the proper course of all staffing and payroll processes in a company. We prepare regulations for work, salaries, social insurance funds, we handle the individual records of hired employees, monitor the validity of testing and training, oversee unused holiday time and overtime. We oversee the compliance of the concluded contracts with the Labour Code and participate in audits by tax and insurance authorities and labour inspections.

The staff of the staffing and payroll department provide essential advice and clarifications regarding Labour Code regulations and all related regulations. We also help to procure financial means when hiring youth and unemployed or disabled people.

What is working with the staffing department like?

When cooperation begins, the employee delegated by the firm reads and analyses the existing staffing-payroll documentation then prepares a report on the basis of this regarding all irregularities and deficiencies that were discovered and proposes a concrete solution. On a day to day basis, cooperation with the staffing department means sending all information to the firm which is necessary for correct calculation of salaries, insurance contributions and income tax, i.e. hours worked, days absent, holiday taken, bonuses and rewards. In the case of hiring or dismissal of employees, the client sends the firm data enabling proper preparation of contracts and has access to consultation regarding their activities in terms of their compliance with the Labour Code. In the case of labour conflicts that are resolved in court, the firm represents the client before the relevant court.

A client with internet access can connect to the firm’s staffing-payroll system and check or print a range of important documents without having to visit our office (lists of payments, declarations of earnings etc.)