A brief history

The tax firm PROFUS was established in 1995. At first it was known as PROFUS Accountancy Office, only dealt with accounting, employed 2 people and only operated in Legnica. The following years brought constant development, opening of new branches and supplementing our range of activity with new services which are essential for every business.

Today we specialise not only in accounting, but also in staffing and payroll, tax consulting (tax advisors), legal consulting (legal advisors) and economic analysis of businesses. We provide advice on starting business activity and transforming businesses. At present, almost 30 employees in 3 branches in Legnica, Wrocław and Jelenia Góra work towards the success of our own firm as well as of our Polish and foreign clients.

Thanks to advanced developments in IT (tele-working, internet) we also serve businesses all over Poland.

We can proudly say that we take care of every business from A to Z.

Who uses our services?

We cooperate with over 250 businesses in various fields, from retail (shops), wholesalers, production (furniture, industrial equipment) and services (IT, construction, hospitality, developers). The structure of our firm enables us to serve companies of various sizes, our clients are Polish and foreign companies that employ anywhere from several to several hundred employees.


ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 18/2
59-220 Legnica

NIP: 691-020-68-94
REGON: 390043056

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