Basic information

For over 15 years we have been helping foreign shareholders and CFOs with their day to day tasks relating to financial and accounting processes. We take on and accept full responsibility for the whole financial and accounting process, from book-keeping to calculating tax obligations, tax consulting and preparing financial reports and tax declarations. At the end of the process, a financial statement is sent to the board or shareholders in the chosen format.

Every client gets free online access to their own data and financial and accounting results which are held on the firm’s servers. Regardless of the time of day or client’s location, they can see their accounting documents, invoices, payments, check financial results and taxes or print a range of items.

As part of our accounting services we provide continuous and unlimited access to at least 3 different employees from our firm: an independent accountant (day to day book-keeping, operational contact with the client’s employee), a head accountant (calculating taxes, contact with the owner and board of the company) and a tax advisor (difficult, complicated tax issues).

We continuously monitor and inform you of any changes in taxation, we respond to every question, solve the most complicated tax problems. We have been through hundreds of tax and revenue proceedings. We have appeared before tax authorities of all instances.


Financial reports (balances, profit and loss account, cash flow) – once a year, or at the client’s request, in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Book-Keeping and of creditors, or individual requests from the board or a shareholder.

Tax documentation – Polish tax (as well as EU) regulations impose on businesses that are related by capital, property, or family the obligation to prepare tax documentation which justifies in detail the market relevance of the transactions entered into between themselves.

Statistical information – on request of the Statistics Office or whenever the client would like, in the format they have chosen.

Establishing and transforming firms – we actively participate in the process of merging and acquisition. We provide advice on how to carry out the transformation process most effectively in terms of taxes.

Monitoring, surveying and eliminating arrears – we verify the correctness of accounting services and financial reports prepared by other companies. After carrying out this task we take on full responsibility for the correctness of the accounting carried out.

Representation before tax authorities – we appear as the client’s representative before all tax authorities. We participate in all tax audits and possible conflicts with authorities.