SpreadshirtSpreadshirt Manufacturing Polska Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Słubicka 2 – 59-220 Legnica, Poland


On behalf of the company Spreadshirt Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o., I would like to recommend the finance and accounting firm PROFUS as a valued partner in the field of accounting and tax consultancy. The firm helps us avoid and prevent harmful tax consequences of unfavourable decisions by tax authorities. The firm is able to point out and present solutions to many tax problems which our company and the previous accountants could not manage. It has actively represented, consulted and protected us during audits by tax authorities.
The staff of PROFUS look after our interests, not only providing expert advice and help, but also actively supporting the management team of our company.

Chairman of the Board
Piotr Daniw

Intec PolskaINTEC Polska
Pumps and Hydraulic Hoses
INTEC Polska sp. z o.o.

Smolec, 28.01.2009


We commend PROFUS for providing professional and reliable service to our company. The tax firm PROFUS has been serving our company since August 2006.
During this time, the firm’s staff have helped us not only in carrying out our company’s accounting, but has also actively participated in optimising the tax we pay. Thanks to them we have been able to avoid the pitfalls that await companies with foreign shareholders who are not familiar with the situation in Poland and the constantly changing tax regulations. They also helped us implement a modern IT system to manage the company.

Teresa Olejnik-Wójcik