Basic information

The firm carries out accounting for its clients with the help of financial-accounting systems from Comarch. Advanced IT solutions enable integration of the clients’ sales modules with the firm’s accounting systems as well as mutual exchange of data. This ensures safe, fast and faultless exchange of data between systems of both companies, making service easier and decreasing the cost of accounting (the firm doesn’t have to enter documents into the system twice).

How does it work? (possible scenarios)

1. The client has (or decides to obtain) Comarch software (OPTIMA). In the event that both parties have software from this producer, full, mutual exchange of data is possible which makes it possible to significantly speed up the accounting processes, decrease the risk of errors and decrease the costs of accounting.

In some cases PROFUS may cover the cost of purchase and/or implementing the software (particularly for a company which sends and receives a significant number of documents).

2. The client has software from a different producer, but is not satisfied with its functionality or operation. In this situation, it is possible to implement the OPTIMA system and transfer all data from the old system (contractors, goods, transactions, etc.). With this solution it is possible to obtain the same benefits as in pt. 1.

3. The client has software from a different producer and would like to continue using it (doesn’t want to change it). Cooperation between the client and the firm takes place in the traditional way, i.e. the client registers transactions in their own sales system and the firm registers them again in its accounting system. Of all the types of cooperation, this solution is the most time-consuming and the least resistant to errors, as well as the most expensive.

Advantages of the Comarch OPTIMA software

It is a modern, very flexible system, whose functionality can be adapted or developed depending on the current or future needs of the client. From the point of view of foreign companies (clients), the most important functions of the system are:

1. Use of multiple currencies. The possibility to carry out parallel calculations in two currencies – Polish and a foreign currency.

2. Chart of accounts. The possibility to adapt the chart of accounts to the client’s needs or complete implementation of a foreign chart of accounts adapted to the parent company.

3. Connecting the accounting system to the client’s bank and mutual exchange of data. Sending transfers to the bank directly from the accounting system and obtaining information on payments received, which are automatically entered into the accounting system.

4. Manager’s panel – overview of the current situation of the company. In one location you can see all the most important information about the current state of the company: payments to be made, payments to receive, pre-determined payments, amount of sales, status of the stocks, un-finished orders, deficiencies in stock, etc.

5. Generating any tables and reports. In any language and format containing any data you need from the system including export to the client’s external programs.

6. Online access. Constant and unlimited ongoing access to your financial and accounting data.